National Fitness Spokesmodel Mai Tran Releases Debut Book: Active Girls, Healthy Women

Mai Tran —the national fitness spokesmodel that ESPN recently called “a flashy television personality who makes Sofia Vergara look plain”— is proud to announce the launch of her debut book, Active Girls, Healthy Women (Sports Improper Publications LLC).  The book, written with Marc Zappulla, teaches healthy nutritional and exercise habits for young girls so that they can maintain this lifestyle into adulthood and avoid the pitfalls of disease, as well as one of that nation’s worst offenders: obesity.  There is also a strong emphasis on self-esteem, including a chapter on bullying.

The book is available online at and  The book will also be available for purchase for $19.95 in Books-A-Million retail locations nationwide on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. 

Mai Tran was voted the #2 Best Asian Swimsuit Model of all time by  This entrepreneur entered the national spotlight when she appeared on the “Howard Stern Show” representing the notorious sports website,

In Active Girls, Healthy Women, readers will find that Mai Tran is a combination of a trainer, life coach and cheerleader for adolescent females to be their best selves.  It’s not about being perfect; it’s about using health and fitness to achieve more success in life.  A special section in the center of the book, “Mai’s Fun and Favorite Exercises with Isabelle Tran,” features “how to” photographs of Mai and her 13-year-old niece working out together.

The book also features inspirational messages from professional athletes, including Gerry Cheevers, a former Boston Bruins Goaltender and 1985 Hall of Fame Inductee.

In her no-nonsense, enthusiastic and inspired voice, Mai Tran takes the reader on a journey, starting with the reasons for her own motivation to succeed.  Born in Saigon just after the Vietnam War, Mai was the daughter of a freedom fighter for the South Vietnamese.  Her father escaped South Vietnam with his wife and six children to Clinton, Massachusetts, where Mai had to find her way in a place where she didn’t know the language or the culture.  Having three brothers kept her active, and she began going to the gym at age 13.  All her siblings achieved great success, and Mai’s drive also resulted in a true American Dream story.  She credits fitness as the force behind her entrepreneurial achievements and shares her secrets to living a happier and more meaningful life.

Chapters in Mai’s book include: “Mai Way,”  “Eat Everything, Deprive Nothing,” “Unrealistic Role Models,” “Weights and Athletics,” “Bullying” and “Gym Etiquette.”

Mai says, “I hope my book will help remove any stigma around kids going to the gym.  I’m not suggesting that they all become professional bodybuilders, but I do want them to understand how healthy and active living results in confidence and a happier life.  It’s about owning your life and not allowing your life to own you.  I think this book will help parents and kids understand the importance of starting young.”

Tran believes that once retaining the information in this book, young girls will learn how to translate dedication to fitness into a life defined by setting and achieving goals.  This passion for life will stretch far beyond the walls of the gym or classroom, as well as help develop confidence, drive, persistence, motivation and commitment.  As a result, these kids will become more energetic, more enthusiastic, and maintain a healthier level of self-esteem.

She adds, “My message is for parents and guardians to help them guide their daughters in a sound nutritional and training regimen, while helping adolescent girls understand the importance of these lifestyle choices.”

Mai Tran is currently a Cardillo Weightbelts International Spokesmodel.  Her associate, renowned fitness trainer Steve Cardillo released a similarly themed book in 2011, How A Champion is Made (Sports Improper Publications LLC), geared towards fitness and weight training for pre-teen and teen boys.

About Mai Tran

Mai Tran is an Asian American model from Boston, Massachusetts.  Since earning her degree at Boston College, she went on to become one of the top fitness industry professionals in the country as a spokesmodel and representative for a number of national sports nutritional supplement companies.  Her first book, Active Girls, Healthy Women, is published by Sports Improper Publications LLC, and available on June 26, 2012.