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The Book

Mai Tran collides over 20 years of experience and expertise in fitness training with her first ever book, Active Girls, Healthy Women.

And this book is simple. It is purely written for the laymen, but directed to the parents and guardians whom have dreams of one day seeing their daughter, or daughters, reach the pinnacle of success in their daily and professional lives, through a sound nutritional and training regimen.

Active Girls, Healthy Women will help the adolescent female understand the overall benefits of exercise and good nutrition, and the differences between men and women and how each reacts differently to both. Moreover, the book offers a unique perspective specifically geared toward making the parent feel more comfortable introducing their daughter to the ever changing world of exercise and fitness. The author also demonstrates proper form and technique in the gym with over 50 training photos with her 12 year old niece, Isabelle.

Once retaining the information in this book, a child will learn how to translate their dedication to fitness into a life defined by setting and achieving goals on all levels of life. Her passion for life will stretch far beyond the walls of the gym or her classroom. She will develop confidence, self-esteem, drive, persistence, motivation and commitment. As a result, she will become more energetic, more enthusiastic, and maintain a healthy level of self-esteem even in the most daunting social settings a young person may endure.

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